Configure TOP608BT RTK GNSS Receiver as a "Windows Location Sensor" device.

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The first time the TOP608BT RTK GNSS Receiver is connected to your Windows 10 machine through a USB port,  the default driver will load automatically. When the driver is loaded, the u-blox device appear in the device manager with the name "USB Serial Device (COMxx)"

RTK GNSS receiver - Windows 10 - Device manager


2. To enable "Windows Location Sensor",  you need to install "u-blox Universal GNSS driver" from Windows update. 

From Windows home, click "Settings" --> "Windows Update". Please press the button "Check for update" first. Then click "View optional updates".

Windows Update for u-blox Universal GNSS driver


 3. Expand the "Driver updates" section, check "u-blox - Sensor - xx.x.x.x". Press the "Download and install" button. The driver will be downloaded and installed.


download u-blox Universal GNSS driver

4. After the driver successfully installed, open "Device manager". Plug in the TOP608BT RTK GNSS receiver if you didn't. You will see a new "u-blox Universal GNSS" device appears under the "Sensors" section.

RTK GNSS receiver - Windows Location sensor

5. By now, the setup is completed.  The TOP608BT GNSS receiver is providing high accuracy location data to your "Windows location sensor" aware applications(i.e., Microsoft Maps).


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