Wholesale / B2B

Wholesale discount:

We offer wholesale discount by quantity tiers, the discount table is displayed below the "ADD TO CART" button of each product. Discount will be applied automatically during checkout. Please see the below screenshots.


- Discount table demo 

GPS Wholesale discount by tier 

- Checkout screen demo:
wholesale discount checkout


Wholesale / B2B Q & A:

Q: Can I talk to someone & negotiate a volume discount price?

A: This store is customized for B2B. Most of our customers are business buyers. To simplify the wholesale process, we standardized our wholesale discount by tiers. The discount will be applied automatically when checking out.


Q: If my organization needs a formal quotation or Performa Invoice, where I can get it?

A: Please email to info@gpswebshop.com . Our sales manager will reply you within 1-2 business hours.


Q: Do you accept credit application?

A: No, we require receiving payment before releasing shipment. This is a no exception policy.


Q: What type of payment method do you accept in the www.gpswebshop.com  online shop?

A: We only accept Visa & MasterCard at the moment.


Q: If I have to pay via bank transfer or other payment methods, what I can do?

A: Please email to info@gpswebshop.com . Our sales manager will reply you in a few hours.


Q: Do you provide warranty?

A: Yes, we provide 1 year warranty for all our GPS products.


Q: What Shipping method will you use? How long does it take to arrive.

A: Our default wholesale shipping method is USPS priority mail

(free US shipping). Usually it takes 3-4 business days to arrive.


Q: I still have a question. How can I contact your sales representative?

A: Please email to info@gpswebshop.com