5Hz logging Columbus P-10 Pro

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This document was initially released on September 27, 2021. Please be aware that if you bought your P-10 Pro after January 1, 2022, the firmware already includes support for 5Hz logging. There is no requirement for a firmware update.

The Columbus flagship logger P-10 pro has been around for a while. It has excellent accuracy but its log frequency is only 1Hz. Today, I am very excited about getting the 5Hz firmware from Columbus GPS. The firmware increases the log frequency from 1Hz to 5Hz. Very cool stuff!  This could be a groundbreaking feature for some people. For example, the ones who are in the car racing industry. 

Below is a screenshot showing my test drive of P-10 Pro in 5hz mode. 

5hz Columbus P-10 Pro

P-10 pro maintains a high accuracy level and little drift. The track is far more smoother than other 5Hz/10hz loggers in the market. You can download the logger file here for further investigation.

I was told by the Columbus GPS engineer that the P-10 Pro 5Hz mode is designed/customized for high velocity scenarios(>20km/h). It is not recommended being used for the low velocity scenarios(<20km/h) which makes the P-10 pro reduce the accuracy & increase the drift. You always have the option to rollback to 1Hz mode by updating the config file. 

If you need the 5hz log mode for your P-10 pro, please follow the update instructions.

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