Instructions of setting Columbus P-10 Pro to 5Hz log mode.

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For background info of 5Hz Columbus P-10 Pro, please refer to our previous blog post here. (optional)


Config the 5Hz log mode

Download the 5Hz config.txt file from here

Turn off P-10 Pro. Connect P-10 Pro to the computer with the cable, copy the downloaded configuration file “config.txt” under the root directory of the MicroSD card, and eject the device.

In the power-off state, press the "Power Button" and the "POI Button “simultaneously until you hear 3 short beeps, then the 3 lamps will flash three times at the same time, and finally you hear one long beep, indicating the configuration is successfully completed.

That’s it. Now your P-10 Pro is in 5Hz log mode. Just want to remind that the P-10 Pro 5Hz mode is designed/customized for high velocity scenarios(>20km/h). It is not recommended being used for the low velocity scenarios(<20km/h) which makes the P-10 pro reduce the accuracy & increase the drift. 

RollBack to 1Hz log mode (only when needed)

If you want to roll back to 1Hz mode, just applying the default config.txt file will do. Here is the link from the manufacturer's website for the update instructions.

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