Receiver mode of Columbus P-10 Pro

Posted by jack wu on

I am very excited to share another groundbreaking news of Columbus P-10 Pro.  From now on, P-10 pro is not only a GNSS data logger, but also a real time sub-meter (0.5m) USB GNSS receiver. 

The “receiver mode” is only available for the P-10 pro with V 2.0  and above firmware. If the firmware version of your P-10 pro is lower than that, you could follow the link below to update the firmware.

We have tested a P-10 pro in our lab and confirmed it works great with Windows 10, Windows 11, Android and Linux devices as an USB GNSS receiver.


Connection instructions:

  1. Power on the P-10 pro.
  2. Connect the P-10 pro to your devices via USB cable. 

For Windows 10 and Windows 10 devices,

For Android devices,

For Linux devices,

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