i-gotU G2S Solar Wireless GNSS Data Logger

i-gotU G2S Solar Wireless GNSS Data Logger

  • $299.00 USD

Introducing the i-gotU G2S professional Solar Wireless GNSS Receiver, a revolutionary device designed for tracking small animals. This compact and lightweight device is perfect for wildlife researchers and conservationists seeking to study and protect small animals.

The G2S features smart power management, including solar panel power backup and motion sensing, ensuring reliable performance even in challenging environments.

It wirelessly transmits real-time GPS position,  dispersal information and migration routes of small birds  of small birds or animals to Android/iOS smartphones within a range of 100 meters. For extended data transmission, simply connect the G2S to the long-range i-got GW1 wireless gateway and expand the range to 2 kilometers. This makes the G2S an invaluable tool for researching and conserving rare species.


Hardware Features:

Dimensions  50 x 22 x 8 mm ( main body: 30 x 22 x 8 mm only) 
Weight  6.5 g (without PET shell), 7.5 g (with PET shell) 
Wireless Operating Range  Up to 100m (connect to smartphone)(Standard mode) Up to 2 km (line of sight, connect with GW1 gateway) (long range mode) 
Radio Spectrum  2400 MHz to 2483.5 MHz 
Recording Capacity  260,000 GPS waypoints for 10 years recording with 20-mins logging interval 
Power System  Energy harvesting solar panel with 85 mAh lithium battery for use within 12 days w/o any sunlight. Power-on/Re-logging upon detection of sunlight 
PC Interface  Micro USB port for charging, data download and device settings 
Motion Sensor  Ultra low power motion sensor to start power saving when inactive 
Water Resistant  IP68 waterproof by PET shell sealed with SuperX 8008 adhesive 
Operating Temperature  -20 C to +50 C 
Power Consumption  Ultra low power with GPS position broadcasting enabled; (0.65 mW/1 hour interval, 1.05 mW/20 min interval, 1.95 mW/10 min interval) 

    Software Features:

    Wireless Connection  Standard mode or Long Range mode 
    Logging Interval (LOGINT)  From 1 minute to 24 hours 
    Flexible Scheduled Logging  4 independent LOGINT per day, 7 x 4 independent LOGINT per week 
    Flexible Wireless Settings  4 scheduled ON/OFF per day, 7 x 4 scheduled settings per week 
    GPS Position Broadcasting  Advertising interval from 1 sec. to 10 sec. 
    Supported Platform  PC via USB connection Smartphone App (Android & iOS) via wireless connection 
    Group Movement Analysis  via PC application (i-gotU GPS software) 
    Device Position Discovery  via mobile app, including distance, direction and GPS info. on map 
    Keep Alive on Low Battery  Keep working under various battery conditions by adjusting GPS LOGINT 
    GPS Information Recorded  Time, latitude, longitude, altitude, GPS satellite detected info. and battery level 

      The i-gotu G2S Solar Wireless GNSS Receiver is a revolutionary GPS / GNSS tracking device designed for tracking birds and wild animals both on the ground and in the sky. With its advanced features and affordable price, it presents a unique opportunity for researchers and animal enthusiasts to gather valuable data without breaking the budget.

      Tracking Birds Made Easy:

      With the i-gotu G2S, studying birds has never been more accessible. Unlike other expensive GPS tags on the market, our solution offers a significant advantage with its lower unit cost, making it an ideal choice for researchers with limited budgets. Whether you're focusing on local bird species or conducting research abroad, the i-gotu G2S serves as a lightweight and portable stand-alone device, perfect for tracking and studying birds during breeding seasons or any other period of interest.

      Duo-Mode Bluetooth:

      The G2S has Duo-mode Bluetooth, which can be set as "Standard Mode" and "Long Range Mode." 
      Standard Mode:  the transmission range is up to 100 meters. 
      Long Range Mode: the transmission range extends up to 2 kilometers. (GW1 gateway is required.)

      Overcoming Tracking Challenges:

      Traditional two-way communication tracking solutions rely on cellular networks or satellite internet to transmit location data. However, these methods are often impractical for animal studies. Cellular network coverage is limited to areas accessible by cell towers, excluding remote and wild environments such as deep forests, valleys, or estuaries. Satellite internet, while reliable, is expensive and requires heavy and bulky devices.

      The i-gotu G2S provides a stand-alone Bluetooth long-range tracking solution that eliminates the reliance on cellular networks or satellite internet, making it highly suitable for remote and challenging environments. 

      Unleashing the Power of Data:

      Conventional tracking devices on the market often suffer from limitations in battery life and logging intervals. To conserve power, these devices typically log data every 4-6 hours, providing only a general overview of the animals' movement patterns. The i-gotu G2S, however, offers enhanced flexibility. Users have the option to remove the solar panel for tracking owls at night or replace the batteries when needed. This feature allows for more frequent logging intervals, providing researchers with a wealth of valuable data. By capturing detailed movement patterns, researchers can uncover hidden behaviors and gain deeper insights into animal habits.

      Groundbreaking Tracking by adding a GW1 Gateway:

      Tracking animals on the ground and in the sky has never been easier. Leveraging Bluetooth long-range technology and mobile phone networks, our cost-effective solution wirelessly transmits data to the GW1 data collector. Later, this data can be effortlessly downloaded to a mobile phone and wirelessly transferred to a PC for further analysis. With the i-gotu G2S, research in the wild becomes a breeze, eliminating the need for heavy instruments. Deploy the GW1 at strategic locations such as watering spots or bird nests, and enjoy continuous tracking thanks to the device's solar-powered design.

      Near-Real or Real-Time Tracking:

      Thanks to Bluetooth broadcast capabilities, the i-gotu G2S can send back the last recorded location to the GW1 gateway. By connecting your mobile phone to the GW1, you can effortlessly view and collect data from devices within a 2km range. This near-real or real-time tracking feature provides instant access to valuable information, enabling you to make informed decisions on-the-go.

      Technical specifications:

      Dimension: 50 x 22 x 8 mm / 30 x 22 x 8 mm (main body) 
      Weight (without /with case): 6.5 g / 7.5 g
      Water Resistant: IP68 waterproof by PET shell sealed with SuperX 8008 adhesive
      Power System:
      Built in battery: 85 mAh lithium battery for use within 12 days w/o any sunlight.
      Solar energy: Energy harvesting solar panel. Power-on/Resume-logging upon detection of sunlight
      Wireless Operating Range:
      Standard mode: Up to 100m (connect to smartphone)
      Long range mode: Up to 2 km (line of sight, connect with GW1 gateway)
      Radio Spectrum: 2400 MHz to 2483.5 MHz
      Recording Capacity: 260,000 GPS waypoints for 10 years recording with 20-mins logging interval
      PC Interface: Micro USB port for charging, data download and device settings
      Motion Sensor: Ultra low power motion sensor to start power saving when inactive
      Operating Temperature: -20 C to +50 C


      Power consumption with GPS position broadcasting enabled:(open air, good GPS signal reception, environment)

      Log Interval 

      Power Consumption 

      85mAh Battery Run Time 

      850mAh Battery Run Time 

      1 hour 

      0.65 mW/0.171mAh 

      20.7 days 

      207.1 days 

      20 min 

      1.05 mW/0.276mAh 

      12.8 days 

      128.3 days 

      10 min 

      1.95 mW/0.513mAh 

      6.9 days 

      69.0 days 

      3 min 

      3.50 mW/0.921mAh 

      3.8 days 

      38.5 days 


      5.13 mW/1.35mAh 

      2.6 days 

      26.2 days 


      Discover the i-gotu G2S Solar Wireless GNSS Receiver and unlock a new era of animal tracking. With its affordability, portability, and advanced features, it empowers researchers, wildlife enthusiasts, and bird experts to delve deeper into the secrets of the animal kingdom. Start your tracking journey today and witness the power of the i-gotu G2S in action.


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