i-gotU GW1 Wireless Data Collector Gateway (Only work with i-gotU G2S and G6S, extend distance to 2km)

i-gotU GW1 Wireless Data Collector Gateway (Only work with i-gotU G2S and G6S, extend distance to 2km)

  • $1,500.00 USD

Introducing the i-gotU GW1 Wireless Data Collector Gateway. It is a powerful tool designed to extend the wireless transmission distance of the G2S and G6S devices up to 2 kilometers. With its advanced features and functionality, researchers and professionals can gather data effortlessly, even from remote locations.

Key Features:

Wireless Data Collection:

The GW1 serves as a dedicated data-collection station, capable of wirelessly fetching data from G2S and G6S devices located up to 2km away. This enables researchers to conveniently collect data without the need for physical access to the devices.

Long Range Capability:

Utilizing an omnidirectional radiation pattern with a vertical antenna, the GW1 ensures an extended transmission range. In conjunction with the G2S and G6S devices, it allows researchers to monitor and track tagged birds, animals, and assets within a vast area.

Lightweight and Portable:

Weighing less than 1 kg, the GW1 is designed to be highly portable and convenient for researchers on the move. Its lightweight construction ensures ease of transportation, enabling researchers to deploy the device effortlessly in various locations.

Data Retrieval Made Easy:

For distance up to 2km, researchers can utilize the GW1 as their mobile gateway. By moving the GW1 gateway around, they can discover G2S/G6S tagged birds, animals, or assets within the extended range and download data from the specific tags of interest. This feature eliminates the need to recapture animals to access data, providing a significant relief for researchers.

Seamless Connectivity:

The GW1 acts as a gateway, allowing researchers to connect with G2S and G6S devices within a 2km range. By connecting a mobile phone to the GW1, researchers can instruct it to collect GPS data from devices of interest and receive real-time updates. The GW1 serves as an extender for mobile phones, bridging the communication gap and enabling efficient data retrieval.

Compatibility with G2S and G6S:

The GW1 is compatible with both G2S and G6S devices, whether they are configured in standard mode or long-range mode. In long-range mode, the theoretical connection range can be extended up to 2km (line of sight). To optimize performance, it is recommended to mount the GW1 on a commanding height of 4 meters, ensuring a clear view of the monitored objects.

Hardware Features:


Main Body: 10 x 10 x 6 cm; Antenna: 2 cm diameter cylinder, 150 cm length 


Main Body Weight: 264 g; Antenna Weight: 700 g 

Wireless Operating Range 

Up to 2000 m (line of sight, G2S & G6S setting as long range mode) 

Antenna Specifications 

Monopole Antenna, 2400 MHz to 2500 MHz, 15 dBi Gain 

Data Recording Capacity 

32MB for 1,000,000 GPS waypoints storage 

Power System 

Easy replaceable standard 18650 rechargeable lithium battery for use within 20 days w/o any sunlight. (Tested: PANASONIC NCR18650GA length 65mm version.) Equipped with energy harvesting 1000 mW solar panel. 

Auto re-logging upon detection of sunlight 

Reset & Wakeup Button 

1 Button for reset and sleep mode wakeup 

LED indication 

1 LED for working status ( Sleep, Standby, Data Logging, Host Connecting) 

Water Resistant 

IP68 waterproof plastic case 

Operating Temperature 

-20 C to +50 C (Lithium battery capacity will be reduced at low temperature) 

Power Consumption 

Working Mode: 7 mA , Standby Mode : < 500 uA , Sleep Mode : < 100 uA 

Software Features: 

Stand Alone Data Collector 

Work as stand alone station in wild field to collect data from G2S & G6S within range. Data can be sent to Android in batch afterwards via wireless connection. 

Information Collected 

Time, latitude, longitude, altitude, GPS satellite detected info, battery level 

Data Management Solution 

Android App to download & export data. PC software for further data analysis. 

Real-time GPS Tag Discovery 

Work as a gateway to discover & locate G2S/G6S in real-time via Android app; information includes distance, direction and GPS coordinates on map 

Real-time Track Download 

Work as a gateway to download data from discovered G2S & G6S in sight to mobile phone in timely manner. 


With the i-gotU GW1 Wireless Data Collector Gateway, researchers and professionals can expand their capabilities in data collection, monitoring, and tracking. Its versatile functionality, extended range, and ease of use make it an indispensable tool for various applications, including wildlife research, asset tracking, and more.

Choose the i-gotU GW1 Wireless Data Collector Gateway and unlock new possibilities in wireless data collection and analysis.