Qstarz BL-1000ST Bluetooth 4.0 BLE GNSS / GPS Receiver data logger (2024 edition)

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BL-1000ST is Qstarz Cross-Generation Bluetooth GPS Travel Recorder. To record your diversified travel, tracks, journey no matter how long or how far it takes, you can rely on BL-1000ST to reach all the needs. GNSS Support and wirelessly adds GPS+GLONASS to iPad, iPhone, and other Bluetooth enabled smartphones, tablets and laptops. Go on the journey, and the great companion BL-1000ST will confidently record your years of beautiful moment.

‧ Portable Travel Recorder to log your trip and point of interest
‧ Extended large memory capacity excellent for data collection
‧ Bluetooth 4.0 BLE connection to iPhone, iPad, or Android devices
‧ Long battery life and high sensitivity to suit diversified research
‧ GPS+GLONASS engine and Acceleration sensor enabled for optimizing log



  • Bluetooth 4.0 GNSS(GPS+GLONASS+QZSS) Travel Recorder
  • 1Hz log to log one waypoint every 5 seconds as default
  • Bluetooth interface to instantly add GPS to iPhone, iPad and Android devices*1
  • Ultra long operation with 25 hours battery life
  • Micro SD card logging and no worry multiple-day track logs
  • Integrate Acceleration sensor to smartly manage power saving and movement detection
  • 5 LEDs and Beeper integration to indicate device status
  • Support POI button to memorize your point of interest immediately
  • Micro USB port for Charging, data downloading and Firmware updating
  • AGPS and SBAS (WAAS, EGNOS, MSAS, GAGAN) support
  • Free Qstarz BLE GPS View Tool App from App Store or Google Play
  • Bundled with DataViewer Raw Track Data managing software (PC Windows)
  • Support HoudahGeo geo-tagging & HoudahGPS software for Mac*2

*1 Transmitting Qstarz specific protocol only
*2 HoudahGeo Mac software is paid software from Houdah and purchase if needed


Technical Specs:

Product description: Bluetooth GPS Travel Recorder

Bluetooth: BLE Bluetooth 4.0


Frequency: GPS/QZSS: L1 1575.42MHz, C/A code GLONASS: L1 1598.0625~1603.375MHz, C/A code

Sensitivity: Tracking -165dBm

Update Rate: 1Hz

Recording Rate: 1Hz (default set as log every 5 second)

Acquisition Time: Cold/Warm/Hot Start: 35/34/1 sec. (without AGPS) Less than 15 sec. for cold start (with AGPS)

Position Accuracy: Autonomous: 3m CEP SBAS: 2.5m CEP (SBAS: WAAS, EGNOS, MSAS, GAGAN)

Datum: WGS-84

Attitude / Velocity: Max Attitude <10,000m Max Velocity <515m/sec, Velocity accuracy: 0.05m/s (with aid)

GPS Protocol: NMEA 0183 V4.10

Keys & LED: 3 Function buttons: Power, POI, and Reset button 5 LED Indications (Charge, Memory, GPS, Bluetooth, and Alarm)

Memory Capacity: 16GB Micro SD Card

Battery: Removable and rechargeable Lithium-ion

Battery life: Bluetooth connected: 25 hrs

Antenna: Built-in GPS Antenna

Sensor: Yes (G-Sensor with ±3G dynamic range)

Beeper: Yes

Input Power: DC 5V, 500mA

Interface: Micro USB port (for charging, data downloading and firmware update)

Firmware Upgradable: Yes (via USB charging port)

Environment Temperature: Operating Temp: -10 °C to + 60°C Storage Temp: -20°C to + 60°C Charging Temp: 0 °C to + 45 °C

Unit dimensions: 81 x 48 x 19 mm

Weight: 69 grams with battery (47 grams without battery)

Accessories: Rechargeable battery, USB Cable




Bundled Windows Software:


Trip Raw Data downloading softwre to advance manage data for diversified applications.


Blundled IOS and Android APP:



The Qstarz BLE GPS View app is a simple utility application for connecting with the Qstarz BLE GPS Recorder/Receiver from Qstarz International Co., Ltd. The main features are as below:

  • Support to connect with Qstarz BLE GPS Devices
  • Show the GNSS status information (GPS/GLONASS)
  • Show Satellite distribution and GNSS signal strength chart
  • Support recording GNSS data after GNSS position fixed
  • Save GPS records and export as CSV files
  • Show the battery level of the device


HoudahGeo Mac:

(The HoudahGeo software for Mac is a paid product offered by Houdah. Please purchase it if needed)




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