Qstarz BL-Q818GT 10Hz Bluetooth BLE GPS Racing Receiver (IOS and Android compatible)

Qstarz BL-818GT 10Hz Bluetooth BLE GPS Racing Receiver (IOS and Android compatible)

  • $144.99 USD

10Hz Bluetooth GPS Racing Receiver + QRacing APP + Data Analysis + Video Overlay + Compare & Share, ALL IN ONE. Available for iOS and Android!

QstarzGT BL-818GT, is not just a Bluetooth 4.0 GPS Racing Receiver, but a Total Racing Solution for motorsport enthusiasts. Qstarz develop an exclusive QRacing lap timing analysis APP to use with Qstarz GT device and it’s free download on App Store and Google Play. Simply go racing with BL-818GT & QRacing APP on your Mobile phone and you can real-time measure and analyze your Drag race or Circuit race activities. Support Video with data overlay function, and you can view race result with video on your phone and export to share to your friends. Simply having BL-818GT to analyze your race and improve your driving performance now!






GPSWebShop PDF Documents

 - BL-818GT Quick Start Guide 


Software Downloads:

GPSWebShop Windows Software

 - QRacing V3.98


 - RaceRender

 Qstarz BL-1000GT android

 - QRacing APP  

 - QStarz BLE GPS View APP             

 - Harry’s LapTimer

 - RaceChrono

 Qstarz BL-1000GT iOS

 - QRacing APP 

 - Qstarz BLE GPS View APP

 - Harry’s LapTimer

 - RaceChrono




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