GlobalSat MR-350P-S4 GPS Receiver

GlobalSat MR-350P-S4 GPS Receiver

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MR-350P-S4 is discontinued! The replacement product is GlobalSat MR-350N.






GlobalSat MR-350P-S4 Bulkhead Waterproof GPS (PS/2 Connector)

Permanent Mount GPS Solution The WAAS/ EGNOS enabled MR-350PS4 is a "mini" external GPS receiver, which utilizes a bulkhead (7/8" through-hole) style mounting design for applications that require a more permanent weatherproof mounting solution. The enclosed GPS receiver is self-contained with an active patch antenna and utilizes the latest "48" channel SiRF Star IV high performance GPS chipset for accurate positioning. It is also IPX7 water resistant rated. The extended 14.75' cable allows for easy routing behind the headliner and side panels, terminating into a proprietary pin-out on a PS/2 connector for easy interfacing with either our USB or RS232 cable sets. (sold separately) The WAAS/ EGNOS enabled by default MR-350PS4 can be used in a wide variety of applications including commercial fleet/utility vehicles, police and fire trucks, boats and specialty equipment, that require great accuracy and durability. For applications that require a only an external GPS antenna without a GPS receiver, please look at our AT-350. MR-350PS4 Package Contents: • MR-350PS4 Serial GPS Receiver •CD-ROM (User Manual & GPS Info Test Utility)

The MR-350PS4 uses a propriatary pin-out on the PS2, which cannot be connected directly to any laptop or PC without the use of a cable set (USB or RS232 + PS2 for power)

The MR-350P-S4, is compatible with Windows 8 through the use of the new USB Cable Set (Part Number: 11-BR305-USB8).  

As for the other optional cable set, RS232 Cable Set, the device would be able to work with any Windows OS, as long as the computer has a serial port.

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