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-> Oct 16, 2021

Unlike those survey RTK GNSS, TOP608BT is a very easy to setup RTK GNSS receiver. Usb and bluetooth dual interfaces. It brings the centi-meter level positioning accuracy(1.4cm) to your laptops, tablets and phones. The price is also reasonable low. Check it out here


-> Sept 7, 2021

Side by side compares the 2 high accuracy GNSS positioning technologies. RTK and Columbus P-10 Pro dual-frequency. Click here for detail. 


-> June 6, 2021

We have launched our “ready-to-go” real-time asset tracking solutions. Currently 2 models are available. MT700 (8 years standby time) and MT825 (5 month standby). Both are based on LTE-M / CAT-M1 technology. They are the next generation GPS trackers with super low power consumption and great indoor / underground penetration capabilities.


-> May18, 2021

Our first submeter accuracy (0.5 Meter) GPS/GNSS data logger is available for pre-order. Will ship on June 4, 2021. Order it now to confirm the availability. For detail, please refer to "Columbus P-10 Pro Submeter (0.5m) GPS/GNSS Data Logger".


-> April 22, 2021

How to confirm your ublox GNSS reciever is installed correctly for Windows sensor API and location API? Please refer to our latest blog post here.


-> April 20, 2021

We just posted a new blog document “Connect a GPS/GNSS Receiver for Windows Maps (Windows 10 OS)”. It is not only a step by step installation instruction, but also explains why most traditional GPS receivers do NOT work with the new applications which are built on top of Windows Location Platform.


-> April 12, 2021

We will launch our first submeter accuracy (0.5 Meter) GPS/GNSS data logger soon.

Instead of using the ridiculously expensive RTK, this new GPS/GNSS uses dual-frequency(L1 and L5 bands) positioning technology, which increases the positioning accuracy by 5 times. It reaches the sub-meter level of accuracy. Furthermore, its price is very reasonable. It will be in stock in May, 2021. Stay tuned.

-> Dec 31, 2019

Qstarz BL-Q818GT 10Hz Bluetooth BLE GPS Racing Receiver is accepting order.! It is a 10Hz Bluetooth GPS Racing Receiver + QRacing APP + Data Analysis + Video Overlay + Compare & Share, ALL IN ONE. Available for iOS and Android! For details, please refer to here.


-> Aug 23, 2019

Our new Tri-system (GPS + GLONASS + GALILEO) GNSS receivers are in stock now. Excellent performance and unbeatable prices. For

detail, please refer to GNSS100L and GNSS200L pages.


-> Nov 10, 2018

Qstarz BL-1000GT and BL-1000ST are new arrival GNSS loggers which support IOS devices, Android devices and PC.

-> Apr 21, 2017

Qstarz LT-6000S-GNSS lap time is avialabe today.